Available volunteering roles

We have numerous volunteer roles across Food Train, both on-site and remote -  something to suit everyone.

To discuss any of these roles with one of the Food Train team, please find your local area contact details here.

Volunteering list


  • Shopper

    doing grocery shopping for our members in the supermarket (weekdays)

  • Shopping Delivery Driver

    driving the van and helping to deliver shopping to members (weekdays)

  • One to One Shopper

    paired up with an older person to do their weekly shopping for them in areas where branch deliveries are not available 

    Hear from volunteer Shopping Friend, Laura.

  • Shopping Delivery Helper

    helping to deliver shopping to members (weekdays)

  • Shopping List Collector

    calling or visiting members to collect their weekly shopping list

  • Shopping Companion

    taking an older person in your community out to do their own shopping

  • Online Shopper

    calling an older person weekly to submit an online shopping for them


  • Phone Friend

    calling an older person once a week for a chat

  • Befriender

    visiting an older person at home once a week

  • Friends Trip Helper

    supporting members on trips, including collecting people from their home on our Food Train minibus

Meal Maker Cook/Household

  • Cook

    providing a home cooked meal once a week for an older person in your area

    Hear from volunteer Cook, Yvonne.

  • Household Support

    visiting members at home fortnightly to help with small household tasks. Each visit usually lasts around one hour

Support roles

  • Telephone Supporter

    carrying out check-in calls and surveys to our members and volunteers

  • Fundraiser

    helping with fundraising or organising fundraising events

  • Leaflet Distributor

    distributing leaflets or posters in your community

  • Office / Admin / IT

    helping out with office tasks such as filing, telephone calls and making up member packs