You can make a real difference by choosing to fundraise for Food Train.

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    Why work with Food Train?

    When you choose a charity to work with, you want the partnership to feel like a natural extension of your business.

    Its work should be something that both your workforce and your customers can relate to and will be excited about contributing to. 

    We believe Food Train can offer you exactly that. 

    As a charity working with older people we understand that no one wants to think about their friends and family ageing and struggling with everyday activities like hoovering or even changing a lightbulb shopping, let alone being socially isolated and lonely. But the reality is that as we live longer we all may need the help and support that Food Train offers.

    How can companies work with Food Train?

    Corporate Volunteering

    Corporate volunteering programs can be an excellent way to keep your employees engaged with the community.

    Benefits for corporates

    • Creates a positive image with both customers and the community
    • Strengthen team member connections and boosts employee morale
    • Nurture company culture

    Benefits for community organisations

    • Transfer skills and develops knowledge and understanding of voluntary sectors and awareness of community issues
    • Raise awareness about the organisation’s cause, its profile and what it does
    • Supports the day to day activities of Food Train services

    Food Train can offer volunteering opportunities in all of our branches across Scotland, these include team volunteering and 1:1 volunteering, we also offer remote volunteering opportunities which involve making telephone calls. 

    If you would like any more information please feel free to contact Emma Black on 07711 591239 or email

    Corporate Fundraising

    There are many fundraising ideas to choose from that will engage your employees in your charitable objective; whether you’re a small local business or a multi-site organisation with office-based or remote workers. 

    We’ve picked some of the most popular and successful ideas; from single events to activities you can run all-year-round or at regular intervals.

    Ways to get involved

    • Hold fundraising events in your workplace; cake sales, raffles, a dress up day.
    • Enter a team of employees in an organised event; Kiltwalk, compete in a running event, host collection pots in your office or premises
    • Sponsor a Box
    • Set up a Payroll giving scheme for your staff or promote our charity in your existing scheme
    • Allow your staff time off to volunteer

    How to become a partner

    If you would like any more information please feel free to contact Emma Black on 07711 591239 or email