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Documents, information and training resources to support your volunteering experience with us.  

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    Role descriptions

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    Food Hygiene

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    One to one Shopping Friend

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    One to one Befriender

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    Phone Friend

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    Telephone Supporter

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    One to one Shopping Companion

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    Online Shopper

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    Other training opportunities

    We often receive information about training and learning opportunities that may be of interest to our volunteers, below we have listed several of them and if any look appealing, please just click the links to find out more. They are all available to access online. 

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    RevivR is a short, self-directed CPR training from British Heart Foundation, that could teach you how to save someone's life.

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    Good Conversations

    An introductory training session for volunteers whose role includes hosting conversations in community settings such as community cafes, lunch clubs or community drop-in centres.

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    Expand Your Skills & Knowledge

    Food Train have partnered with The Skills Network to offer you all the opportunity to explore new skills and learning opportunities.

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    Dementia Friends

    Anybody can become a Scottish Dementia Friend. It's just about understanding a bit more about dementia and the small things you can do to help people living with dementia. Complete to receive your 'Dementia Friend' badge.

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    Conversations In The Community

    Conversations about mental health can be hard. But you don't need to be a mental health professional to support others in your community. 

    This e-learning course will help you practice how to talk about mental health, and feel more prepared to help others.

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    Staff and Volunteer Malnutrition Training

    The training aims to increase knowledge and confidence around identifying and supporting older people living at home who are at risk or are suffering from malnutrition.

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    OpenLearn - The Open University

    Anyone can learn for free on OpenLearn but creating an account lets you set up a personal learning profile which tracks your course progress and gives you access to Statements of Participation and digital badges you earn along the way. You could study a topic related to your volunteering or not.

    A few suggested courses are -

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    Cruse Scotland Bereavement Support

    For bereavement and grief support resources you can visit the Cruse Scotland website where they have a selection of resources including helpline numbers.