Meal Makers Service

Meal Makers is a project that connects people who love cooking and are happy to share an extra portion of a delicious home cooked meal with an older neighbour.
Our Meal Makers volunteer ‘Cooks’ love cooking, and they want to share their delicious food and get to know people in their local area. You will be matched with a ‘Cook’ in your local area who will bring round an extra portion of their home cooked food at a time agreed by the both of you. Meal sharing can occur as often as the you and the ‘Cook’ would like, whether that is weekly, fortnightly, or just now and again.
Anyone over the age of 55 who is living in Scotland, and would enjoy a delicious home cooked meal and some company can use the service. It costs £24 a year, which is paid alongside a £1 annual membership, totalling £25 per year to pay.  Your membership fee of £1 allows you access to other Food Train services, if they are available in your local area. (please note - charges apply for each Food Train service provided) For information on charging please refer to the detailed information under the services you are interested in.
Service areas for our Meal Maker service can be found here.