Collection Tins

We are always looking for forever homes for our collection tins!

Collection tins not only help to raise vital funds, they also create awareness of our important work. Your small change can make a big difference.

Collection tins at work.

Collection tins in shops, offices and other local businesses really help us towards our fundraising. We can even claim back gift aid on the amount in each tin through the small donation scheme. If you would like to place a collection tin in a local business, please complete the order form below.
If you think you could help by distributing collecting tins to a few shops and businesses in your local area, and for collecting them and banking the cash for us on a regular basis then we’d love to hear from you.  

Get in touch with us here  and we will get back to you to arrange to drop off some collection tins and help you get started. Alternatively, fill in the form below.

Returning your money.

Once your tin is full, sending in your donation is easy - contact us on  01387 270800  or

Collection Tins Order Form

I accept responsibility for my Food Train Charity collection tin. I undertake to use the collection tin solely for the benefit of the Food Train (registered charity no. SCO024843). I will return said box to the charity when the activity is complete, or when requested to do so by Food Train. I agree to abide by the statutory Laws regarding the Collection of Monies for their charitable purposes. I am 16 years of age or over.