Friends Befriending Service

Our befriending service will connect you with a trained volunteer, so you can do more of the things you enjoy out and about, or at home. All our befriending will take place on a regular basis, so you can rely on companionship, a friendly face and someone to talk to. We can offer several befriending options to suit you these include: telephone calls, home visits, group activities and outings.
Anyone over the age of 65 who would like some companionship and lives in a Food Train Friends area can use the service. It costs £24 a year, which is paid alongside a £1 annual membership, totalling £25 per year to pay, which also entitles you to use any other service we have in your area.
Service areas for our Friends service can be found here.
We try to make all our trips and group activities varied and things that you would enjoy (a small additional charge may apply on some trips or events to help cover our costs).