Eat Well Age Well offers two E-learning courses, Carers E-Learning and General E-Learning. Both courses are based on our Raising the Issue of Malnutrition Training and utilise videos that were developed in partnership with NHS Tayside and Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership.

Our training and screening implementation guide is also available for download alongside the training. This document provides advice and examples of how malnutrition training and screening can be implemented within your organisation.

Carers E-Learning

Our Carers E-Learning is aimed at home care staff and is supported by the Care Inspectorate. We recognise that carers and care organisations can play a vital role in supporting older people at risk of malnutrition and have developed this training to make it easier for care at home staff to access training around malnutrition. The training covers topics such as what can cause malnutrition, how to spot signs & symptoms and simple tips to boost appetite.

This informal training has been designed to be short and easy to use and can be completed individually or as a group. It takes approximately 45 minutes to work through and you can also save your progress and complete it in stages if needed. We have also developed a workbook that can be used alongside the training.

General E-Learning

Our General E-learning is aimed at those who work with or care for an older person and has been designed to make it easier for those who cannot attend our virtual training sessions to access malnutrition training. The training takes approximately 1 hour to complete and includes topics such as

  • causes of malnutrition
  • signs and symptoms of malnutrition
  • how to use the Patients Association Nutrition Checklist
  • dietary requirements for older people
  • how to support those at risk of malnutrition

This informal training can be completed individually or as a group and progress can be saved along the way as needed.