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Food Train Outreach Library Service

Local volunteers drop off and return library books for anyone who is unable to access their local library due to poor health, poor mobility, frailty or disability.

How does it work?

  • The outreach library service is unique within Food Train as this service is open to any age group not just those aged 65 and over. A staff member will make an initial visit to discuss the service, including finding out the kind of books enjoyed: whether large print or talking books; fact or fiction.
  • A local volunteer will then be matched with the customer. S/he will drop off and return the customer’s choice of books from the local library.
  • Although not a befriending service, our friendly volunteers will take time to have a chat and perhaps a cup of tea when visiting.A local volunteer may not be available immediately, but this will not prevent someone from starting with our service as in addition to our individual volunteers we have a van delivery service, which visits different routes over a four weekly cycle.
  • At least one visit can be expected per month.

Who can use the Outreach Library service?

  • This service is currently only available in West Lothian.

What does this service cost?

  • There is no charge incurred to the customer in the delivery and return of their library books.