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Sainsburys Easter Surprise for Food Train Customers

The local Sainsburys in Stirling delighted Food Train customers this week by surprizing them with a small tray of goodies to celebrate Easter.  The tray,containing shortbread, macaroon bars, tablet tofffee and oatcakes, certainly raised a smile and a gave most a reason to put the kettle on!  Sainsburys started working with Food Train in June 2015 and have been a great partner, helping us to raise funds, giving out free gifts to customers at Christmas and Easter and by respecting and valuing our volunteers (and often throwing in a free cup of tea or coffee at the end of a hard shift!).  Thanks to all the staff at this super supermarket for supporting your local Food Train and its customers!

Sainsburys Easter hamper 1Sainsburys Easter Hamper 3


North Ayrshire branch - March 2016 update

Our new North Ayrshire branch hit the tracks on 1 September 2015, and is going from strength to strength. We had our official red ribbon launch in December, a lovely event officiated by Councillor Anthea Dickson at the Harbour Arts Centre in Irvine. We have a team of 25 local volunteers, who are collecting lists, making up orders and delivering shopping to 85 older people in North Ayrshire, many of whom are using the service weekly or fortnightly. Our retail partner in North Ayrshire is Sainsbury's in Irvine. Store Manager Martin Kelly said 'it is a privilege to support such a fantastic community service and to be able to be part of something that provides such a vital life line for older people'.

Eat well, stay safe

Eat well, stay safe!
Food Standards Scotland are campaigning to highlight some areas of best practice around food safety and hygiene. Food poisoning isn’t just something you get outside your home – the meals you prepare can be a source of food poisoning too. The ‘Four Cs’ – cleaning, cooking, chilling and cross-contamination can help you identify and avoid potential sources of food poisoning. Some quick tips:

  • Cleaning Wash and dry your hands thoroughly. Keep worktops, chopping boards and utensils clean. Don’t forget to change your dishtowels regularly.
  • Cooking Always follow the instructions on the label, always check your food is steaming hot in the middle – there should be steam coming out. Do not reheat food more than once and take extra care your food is cooked all the way through.
  • Chilling Keep your fridge at the right temperature (between 0°C and 5°C) and keep the door closed as much as possible. Wait for food to cool down before you put it in the fridge. If your fridge is full, it might need your help! Turn the temperature down to help it fight germs.
  • Cross-contamination This is the final operation in the battle against germs. Keep raw meat and unwashed vegetables separate from ready-to-eat food during storage and preparation. Don’t let raw meat drip onto other food. Please ask us if you would like more information.

 Remember the 4 Cs and don’t make your mealtime a horror story! 

‘Use by' and ‘best before’ dates
Another thing to remember is the importance of ‘use by’ and ‘best before’ dates. Many people don’t know there is a difference – do you?

  • A ‘use by’ date is about food safety and is used on foods that go off quickly, such as raw meat or fish, cooked sliced meats and dairy products. Food should not be eaten after its use by date as it may not be safe.
  • A ‘best before’ date is about food quality rather than food safety, so after this date expires the food will not be harmful, but its flavour, colour or texture might begin to deteriorate.

Further useful information can be found at

Stirling Council Youth Services working with Food Train

For some time now Stirling Council Youth Services team have been bringing along young people to volunteer with Food Train to aid their personal development and allow them to experience, first hand, the benefits of volunteering for the individual.  Just starting her programme and our latest recruit is Chelsie Buchanan who will volunteer with us for 10 weeks.  Welcome aboard Chelsie, you're already part of the team and making a great contribution!  Chelsie (left) is with Youth Services support worker Lynn Haden (who also regularly volunteers for Food Train on her days off as well as supporting the young people she brings along on a weekly basis).  Thank you for choosing Food Train, we think it's a great partnership!

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