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Now covering the whole of the City of Glasgow

Over the last 12 months the demand for Food Train services in Glasgow has continued to grow and we now cover the whole of the City from Drumchapel to Ballieston in the North, Hillington to Carmunnock in the South and everywhere else in between!

We have grown our fleet to 5 delivery vans which are out on the road 3 days per week transporting all the groceries to our ever growing customer base and our team of volunteers are busier than ever before.

As always, we're still looking for people to join us, so if you have some hours to spare during the week and are interested in volunteering then click on the Volunteer link above, fill out the enquiry form and we'll be in touch.  Alternatively, feel free to call the branch on 0141 423 1722 Monday to Friday to discuss the volunteering opportunities available. We look forward to hearing from you!



Marathon Shop!

It's official - our volunteers complete a "marathon" task every day getting the shops for our customers. Volunteer shopper Charris used an app on her smartphone to measure the distance she covered when shopping last Thursday.

The result is the read out below. In total Charris covered just over 7km - 4.3 miles in old money. Impressive enough on it's own, but when you consider we usually have at least five other shoppers putting in a similar shift you can do the sums - 6 shoppers times 7km = 42km.

If you are familiar with your athletics you'll know that 42km is the classic Marathon distance of 26 miles 385 yards. So every day our volunteers complete a Marathon to do the shopping for our customers! What an effort!

Stirling Inner Wheel Club learn all about Food Train

Regional Manager Fran Thow was invited to give a talk to the ladies of the Stirling Inner Wheel about Food Train on Friday 1st April.  The ladies were hugely impressed on hearing about the service to support older people and Programme Convernor Anne Rankin said 'There is obviously a fabulous team of volunteers - a band of very special people, loved and appreciated by so many older people in the area'.  The Club have promised to spread the word as they go about their business.  The Inner Wheel is an international club for women whose 3 main objectives are a) to promote true friendship b) to encourage the ideals of personal service and c) to foster international understanding as well as supporting and fundraising for a number of charities each year.  Fran was pictured with President Lesley Niven after the talk.

Inner Wheel Club Talk Apr 2016