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Volunteering is... a way to simply show you care!

Jane and Gabby are fine examples of people who are passionate about the care of older people and want to help make a difference:

Jane's a Speech and Language Therapist, and saw an advert in the council tax booklet for Food Train. ‘I was so impressed when I learned that a service like this existed, and I was blown away when I heard how long it had been going for - I just had to pick up the phone and see if I could get involved in some way! I help with the shopping and also out delivering too - just wherever I am needed! The service really is a life line for people, and I love meeting our customers and working as part of the team here in Renfrewshire’. GO JANE!

Gabby works in Morrisons and saw our leaflet before we launched in Renfrewshire.  'I just thought this sounded like a great service. I know a lot of supermarkets have online services, and I'd often wondered how that would work for older people who couldn't shop online. When I found out about Food Train I was so pleased to know things like this go on in the community. Because I work full time, I'm not available to help with the shopping or delivery side, but I come over to the office every Monday morning after my early shift and help take the phone orders. I just love having a wee blether with the customers every week, I've gotten to know them all so well, and yet we've never met face to face. I'm so proud to be part of the team'. GO GABBY!

show you care

Volunteering is... a way to enhance your employability skills!

Just ask Gordon, Stephen and Richard…

These three lovely fellas volunteer at Food Train because they want to do something useful, meet new people and give something to the community whilst they job seek. GO BOYS!

And camera shy Jean G can also vouch for that - she's just been offered a job as a Carer! ‘It was during the interview that I realised how much I learned since volunteering with Food Train, it has really helped me in so many ways and I hope to keep volunteering when I start my new job’. GOOD LUCK IN YOUR NEW JOB JEAN!


3 boys

Volunteering is... great for your health and wellbeing!

Just ask Carol and Stevie...

Carol saw an article about Food Train on the Renfrewshire Council website. ‘I was looking to do something that could help build my strength back up after being unwell, but what I didn’t bargain for was meeting such nice people and having such a good laugh’. GO CAROL!

Stevie’s support worker from a head injury service told him about Food Train. He had a major motorbike accident a few years ago, and suffered a brain injury which completely changed his life.  ‘I feel like I know what it’s like to be vulnerable after my accident, so I love doing something that can help older people. The shopping really helps with my memory skills too’. GO STEVIE!

good for your health and wellbeing


Volunteering is... A great way to keep yourself connected!

 Just ask Lyndsay & Elizabeth!

Lyndsay is one of our volunteers drivers. Her job means she's often based from home. ‘I heard about Food Train and thought it sounded like a good service, and wanted to help if I could. I really enjoy the contact with our customers. Because I work from home, I really enjoy the interaction with the other volunteers and feeling like I’m part of a team’. GO LYNDSAY!

Elizabeth works for an airline company and found she had some spare time during her scheduled time off. ‘I was looking for something to do that was meaningful and helpful when I saw a Food Train advert looking for volunteers, so I come in during my time off as a Shopper. I really enjoy being part of a team making up the orders, knowing that what we’re doing is really helping an older person get their shopping’. GO ELIZABETH!

keep connected


Volunteering is... A break away from the books!

Just ask Natasha and Kamila...

Kamila is 4th year student at the University of the West of Scotland. She had some spare time in her studies, so she did a few searches online and found Food Train website. ‘I help with the deliveries and with the shopping. I enjoy meeting the customers so much because they always say a big thank you to us every time, and I really enjoy working with all the other volunteers because they are all so lovely’. GO KAMILA!

 On the mornings Natasha isn’t studying Biomedicine at Ayrshire College, she gets her groove on as one of our Shoppers! ' I love volunteering because I have met so many cool people and I really love knowing what I do is helping others'. GO NATASHA!

a break from the books









Volunteering is.... A great way to keep active in retirement!

Just ask John, Helen and Hilda…

John had been retired for 18 months when he read an article about Food Train. ‘I had a pretty full life consisting of house and garden work, leisure activities and family commitments but I knew something was missing. I also felt that I could still do something else useful before my body started really falling to bits. Volunteering at Food Train one day a week has gone a long way to fill the gaps in my life. I really enjoy having work colleagues again, meeting people and getting around the Renfrewshire towns and countryside’. GO JOHN!

Helen had recently retired when she saw a leaflet in Morrisons about Food Train. ‘I shop in the store anyway, so I come in and help two mornings a week. I really like it because it gets me up early, and it’s only for a few hours at a time which then gives me the rest of the day. I enjoy it because I know I’m doing something useful, plus I like the interaction with the other volunteers. GO HELEN!

If you see a blue blur in Morrisons, it’s Hilda whizzing past because this little lady loves to keep busy -  ‘I love meeting new people, getting out the house and helping people – it saves me from festering away in front of the telly’. GO HILDA!

Busy and active in retirement