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Renfrewshire News

The latest news from the Renfrewshire branch of Food Train.

Millport Sponsored Walk

Volunteers from Food Train Renfrewshire completed a sponsored lap of the Isle of Cumbrae. Under blazing summer skies the volunteers successfully completed the walk despite the familiar Millport attractions of ice cream, fair rides, or a cooling paddle in the sea! £350 was raised. A huge thanks for everyones efforts.

Derek Mackay MSP

Derek Mackay MSP for Renfrewshire North and West came along as our special guest volunteer recently. Derek got to see the impact of Food Train in Renfrewshire and the work put in by our our amazing volunteers. Derek had a good chat with the customers he delivered to and was able to sort out some of his constituents' problems along the way.

Marathon Shop!

It's official - our volunteers complete a "marathon" task every day getting the shops for our customers. Volunteer shopper Charris used an app on her smartphone to measure the distance she covered when shopping last Thursday.

The result is the read out below. In total Charris covered just over 7km - 4.3 miles in old money. Impressive enough on it's own, but when you consider we usually have at least five other shoppers putting in a similar shift you can do the sums - 6 shoppers times 7km = 42km.

If you are familiar with your athletics you'll know that 42km is the classic Marathon distance of 26 miles 385 yards. So every day our volunteers complete a Marathon to do the shopping for our customers! What an effort!

Council Leader gets aboard The Food Train

Renfrewshire council leader Mark Macmillan joined the Renfrewshire Food Train on Tuesday 10th February, for a morning shopping and delivering groceries to customers. Council Macmillan said “Renfrewshire Council has supported The Food Train since its launch. It was great to have the opportunity to lend a hand and see personally the valuable work that they are doing.”

“Voluntary organisations like The Food Train are delivering services that make a real difference every day to the lives of Renfrewshire people and we should all support them.”

“I would encourage anyone who has a few hours to spare to think about volunteering. There are organisations across Renfrewshire who will welcome your help. And you get a great feeling of satisfaction from helping others.”

Click on the link to watch Mark Macmillan out and about with Food Train: 

Renfrewshire Council Leader Mark Macmillan visits Food Train

Volunteer Friendly Award Success

Our fantastic staff and volunteers at Food Train Renfrewshire celebrated in style after receiving the coveted Volunteer Friendly Award which recognises best practice in all things volunteering.  The Team worked hard to pull together the information showcasing the great work of our local volunteers and the inclusive volunteering ethos at Food Train.  Pictured are some of our volunteers, staff and members of Engage Renfrewshire at the Award presentation.Team Ren

'Team Ren' put the FUN into fundraising!

Staff and Volunteers from Food Train Renfrewshire put the fun into fundraising on Halloween when they took part in a fancy dress bag packing evening in Morrisons, Paisley. Many thanks to all the good shoppers who popped some change into our buckets. Every penny counts and we raised a grand total of £568.55! We couldn't have done it without our brilliant team of Witches, The Pope, Pierrot The Clown, Pirate Pete, The Grey Bobcat and ALL our fancy dress friends. Great effort, and the money will be put to very good use. We recognise that so many of our customers have lots in common. They don't know each other, but they do all know Food Train. So we're hosting a Friends of Food Train Tea Party on Friday 5 December at Priorscroft Bowling Club in Paisley. Live music, a light lunch, fun and laughter are all on the agenda. We have a professional photographer from 1500 Photography coming to capture the day, and one of our volunteers Deborah, who is a professional singer, will be opening up the party with some retro songs!  Let the good times rock and roll...


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