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Glasgow takes delivery of two new vans

Demand for Food Train has continued to grow since we launched in Glasgow on 27th February last year. Having initially started in in the South East, we now cover the whole of the South of Glasgow and are now going to offering Food Train to people in the North East of the City too.

To cope with all the extra demand we've bought two new vans to transport all the groceries our new customers will be buying. Joyce Potts, Glasgow Regional Manager, and three volunteers went down to Dumfries for the day to pick them up. After a bit of a false start; a flat battery, and then a clipped wing mirror, they got on the road and the vans will be put to use very soon.  

Charlie, John and KennyPictured are Glasgow Volunteers Charlie, John and Kenny, who made the trip down to Dumfries to drive the vans back to Glasgow.