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Friendly Dumfries

Friendly Dumfries

Give us just a little of your time and help us to cultivate kindness in our community. 

Friendly Dumfries is a brand new project which aims to cultivate kindness by connecting people through the simple act of conversation; we hope to promote healthy and active mental health lifestyles in our communities by talking and listening.

Friendly Dumfries is supported by: carnegiejrf



Why are we doing this?

We are testing the theory of kindness in our local community, between 1 December 2016 and 31 May 2017. After that time we shall seek and review the feedback and experiences of those involved, possibly using a paper survey or on-line ‘monkey-survey’. The key to the conversation starters will be sight of the Friendly Dumfries badge worn by people who are happy and willing to talk to you for a while. 

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What’s involved?

Sign up to the pledge on our website (or a paper copy in our office if you don’t have internet access) and start talking to people in the streets, shops and cafes in Dumfries to check how they are today, whether they perhaps need help and whilst not giving away any personal information about yourself (except perhaps your first name). Feed back to us your experiences via our website and maybe post a photo or comment on Twitter using hashtag #friendlydumfries or our Facebook page 

Who can support this project and sign the pledge?

Ideally the supporters should live in Dumfries or the surrounding area and be in and around Dumfries Town on a regular basis. There are no age or gender or other restrictions, it is open to all. We will ask for a date of birth to help us monitor the range of ages who sign the pledge for statistical purposes only and also to state whether or not you were born in Dumfries for the same reason. 

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please call 01387 279111

or email and write ‘Friendly Dumfries’ in the subject line.

If you are ready to join up, please download our pledge or sign up online, then just call in to our office between 9 and 4, Monday to Friday for a chat and to collect your Friendly Dumfries badge!

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